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  1. Drew

    Hello, I had recently trapped what seems to be a 4-5 week old kitten. I can’t seem to trap the rest of the litter or the mother. Should I release him or just bring the single kitten into the shelter. I worry what type of psychological effects this may have on the little guy or the mother. Please let me know. Thanks

  2. torontostreetcats Post author

    Hi Drew. Sorry I missed your question. If you still have the kitten you might want to actually use the kitten to ‘bait’ the mom. Place the kitten in a carrier, put the carrier at the closed end of a trap, then walk away, The kitten will mew and that should attract the mom. The mom will be looking for a way to access the kitten and so should eventually walk into the trap (because it is the only path that will take the mom cat to the open end of the carrier.

    If you have already taken the kitten in to a shelter, don’t worry – it won’t have a traumatic effect on either the mom or the kitten. Myself and many others I know have been trapping for years and can say with good confidence that the kitten and the mom will be just fine. Thanks for caring Drew.

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