Shelter Building Workshops

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We hold our shelter building workshops throughout the fall and winter season.   Shelters built during the workshops are then made available to caretakers and colonies in need. The workshops are also a great venue for caretakers to network with others in the animal rescue and TNR community.   

Since we started in 2010 we’ve built 6,732 shelters!

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The 2019-2020 shelter building workshop season is officially over!   Thank you to every volunteer who helped us build shelters to keep street cats warm and safe.  

A special shout out to

  • Our team leads who make our workshops run so smoothly and give so much of themselves – they set great examples of leadership
  • John Welsh who spent the better part of October and November driving around Southern Ontario picking up the big ticket supplies (a ridiculous number of bales of straw, huge rolls of tubing, massive sheets of Durofoam) – truly, without him there would be no shelter building workshop
  • David Jang – he spent countless hours preparing DELICIOUS homemade, fresh lunches for our workshops – and he’s been doing this for many many years now

We look forward to seeing you next season!

**NOTEWe’re still selling them!  Please check this page of our website for full details.

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APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR:  We expect our volunteers to engage in an appropriate manner with each other and with the Toronto Humane Society staff;

We reserve the right to ask a volunteer to leave and not return if any of their words or actions demonstrate otherwise.

VOLUNTEER LIMIT:  Each workshop is capped at 50 volunteers

AGE LIMIT: All participants must be 18 years of age or older

VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT: If you are able, print a copy, fill it out in advance (click here to access the form) and bring it with you

  • You only need to fill in this form once
  • We will only accept forms printed on one sheet (both front and back)

CARBON FOOTPRINT:  Let’s make our workshops eco-friendly!  At each workshop we provide pitchers of water and freshly brewed coffee.  We encourage everyone to bring their own reusable water bottle/coffee mug.  Thanks!

REGISTER: We ask that everyone register in advance.

  • Please see below to register
  • If you sign up then have to cancel please email us at
  • All workshops are from 10am – 3pm  
    • While you aren’t required to show up exactly at 10am, it would be greatly appreciated if you could stay to as close to 3pm as possible (and if any of you can help with the clean up that would be even MORE appreciated!!  Thank you!)


  • All workshops are held in the garage of the Toronto Humane Society (11 River Street, Toronto at the NE corner of River and Queen St E.). Click here for a map of the location.
  • To get to the garage:
    • From the lobby take either the stairs or elevator (both are located on the left when you enter the lobby) to the basement. When you enter the basement veer left and follow the signs to the garage entrance OR
    • At the back of the building, enter the “caged” door to the right of the garage door

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