Photos – Clinics

06 VaccinateRevolution

Cat being vaccinated and provided flea treatment

07 Anaesthetic

Cat being placed under anesthetic


09 ReadyforSpay

Female cat shaved and prepped for being spayed.

11 ReadyforSpay_2

Female cat ready to be spayed

12 ReadyforSpay_3

Female cat being spayed.

13 AfterSpay

Female cat post spay surgery.

14 Prepped

Post surgery recovery

15 TameTom

Tame tom cat post neuter surgery

16 Recovery

Cats recovering from surgery

TSC Photos 1

Cats dropped off (during intake of the clinic).

TSC Photos 2

One of the trapped cats (during the intake process)

TSC SpayNeuter 1

Anesthesized cat during checkup (prior to surgery)

TSC SpayNeuter 3

Anesthesized cat being moved to surgery

TSC SpayNeuter 6

Neuter of a male cat

TSC SpayNeuter 7

Check up of a cat under anesthesia

TSC SpayNeuter 8

Shaving a male cat in preparation for neutering