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SIZE (approx):  

  • In inches: L=22  x  H=15  x  W=12 – Appropriate for 1 (maximum 2) cat
    TSC website - Shelter - grey (dimensions and compilation) Jan2020


  • NEWLY MADE:  $15 per shelter OR $10 per shelter when you buy 5 or more shelters
  • TRADE INS:  When you bring in a used shelter get a new one for $5
    • The plastic tote must be structurally sound 
    • Please empty the shelter as best you can before bring it to us
    • Trade-in’s not possible when picking up from Animal Alliance
    • We take previously used shelters, strip them, wash them, re-line with them with new Durofoam, and fill them with fresh straw
    • Cost = $5
    • Size/color:  varies depending on what has been brought to us to refurbish 
    • Stock:  varies depending on how many used shelters are brought to us and when we have time to complete them;
      • Ask us if we have any
      • Not available at Animal Alliance


  1. When you pick up the shelter 
    • Cash 
    • Cheque made payable to “Toronto Street Cats” 
  2. In advance (please include a note that it’s for the purchase of a shelter) 


For new shelters – fill in the following request form (click here)

  • the request does not reserve the shelter
  • the request is only to assist us in tracking


Options for pick up:

1.    Animal Alliance offices (new shelters only)

Call Lia at 416 462-9541 ext 24 to confirm their hours and that they have enough shelters in stock.

Where:  221 Broadview Ave (on the East side, south of Dundas, Suite 101)

When:  Mon – Fri during their office hours

2.   The following Saturdays:

    • Jan 25:  10am – 3pm LAST SATURDAY OF THE SEASON
    • Feb 8:  10am – 3pm  CANCELLED

Don’t worry about showing up and there being no shelters left.  We will stay late if we have to in order make you the shelters you need  (no one has left us empty handed yet!)

Pick them up in the garage of the Toronto Humane Society (11 River Street, Toronto at the NE corner of River and Queen St E.).  Click here for a map of the location.

How to get to the garage:

From the lobby, take either the stairs or elevator to the basement (the stairs/elevator are both located on the left when you enter the lobby). When you enter the basement follow the signs to the door leading to the garage.


Go to the back of the building and enter the “caged” door to the right of the garage door

3.  By appointment during the week:

Email and we will find a mutually agreeable date/time to meet at the Toronto Humane Society (see address above), where we keep our shelters. 

4. The following Wednesday evenings (6:30 – 9:30pm)

    • January 29
    • More dates to be posted soon!

Where:  Toronto Humane Society’s High Volume Public Spay/Neuter clinic (11 River Street, Toronto at the NE corner of River and Queen St E.).  Click here for a map of the location.

The entrance to the clinic is a bright green door located on the north side of the Toronto Humane Society, near the back, next to the large garage doors on the loading dock (see the “map” directly below).

Once you enter the bright green door, go up the ramp to the entrance to the lobby of the clinic.  Then ask for “Carol” and advise you are there to pick up a shelter(s).

TSC website - map to SN clinic

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HOW:  Available for FREE.  Just show up.  All we ask is you bring your own bag!

WHERE:  In the garage of the Toronto Humane Society (see details above re address, how to get to the garage)

WHEN:  The following dates/times: 

Jan 25:   10am – 3pm  LAST SATURDAY OF THE SEASON
Feb 8:    10am – 3pm   CANCELLED

  • Straw not available at Animal Alliance

Other resources for straw:  October is the perfect time of year to find straw in stores – it’s sold for Hallowe’en/Thanksgiving decorations, fall dances at schools, you name it. But after Hallowe’en/Thanksgiving, it gets MUCH harder to find. You can get a whole bale of STRAW (don’t buy HAY for shelters) for under $20 and keep it in your garage for the season.

  • Check your local nurseries, garden centers, and grocery stores (that sell plants).
    Contact local schools to see if they have any available (for free) after their Hallowe’en dance.
  • Google search animal feed & farm supply stores (I did a quick search and there were ones in Caledon, Newmarket, Lindsay…)
  • Hardware stores (i.e. Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Lowes, Rona, etc)
  • Kijiji (that’s how Toronto Street Cats originally found our “source” for straw)

Where ever/however you look for it, make sure it’s STRAW you’re getting. Not HAY

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  • Click here for some simple (but important!) tips for how to maintain your cat shelter (ie where to place it, how to entice cats into it, how to improve the environment around the shelter to keep the cats etc)
    No photo description available.

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  • Shelters are made each fall by their volunteers.  
  • $15 each (cash only).  
  • A limited supply is available.  
  • To arrange to pick up a shelter(s) contact Monica Seto, Manager, Shelter Health & Wellness:

Phone:  1-888-668-7722 or 905-898-7122, Ext. 383

Watch their youtube video showing how they make their shelters (it’s very easy – you can do it too at very little cost!)