TORONTO STREET CATS FOOD DONATION TEAM:   Help us procure donations of cat food that we can distribute to colony caretakers.  For more information (various volunteer roles we have, and how to join) click here.

Toronto Street Cats is a proud member of the Toronto Feral Cat TNR Coalition.  Working with other members of the coalition we’re able to build a larger network of volunteers, allowing us to provide caretakers in Toronto the assistance they need to manage colonies in their community.

Volunteer roles:
1. Assisting with trapping and transportation of feral cats:  click here for more information
2. Community Relations Task Force:  Enjoy talking to people? Help educate the community – click here for more information
3. Assisting at the Feral Cat Recovery Centre (in Scarborough):  click here for more information

Click here to participate in our Shelter Building Workshops.

Garnering donations of materials, sponsors, student volunteers and more:
If you want to get involved in any capacity, small or large, please contact us at tnrths@gmail.com
IMG_7636Seek Donations from Manufacturers: While Scepter Corporation donates a skid of bins to us each year, there are other manufacturers ie Reflectix etc who could also be approached to donate materials to us.

Devise a Fund-Raising Strategy: to secure funds and/or materials necessary to carry on our shelter building

Write Grant Proposals: Major companies, such as big box stores where we buy supplies to build shelters, all have donation policies. We need to study these policies and learn how we can create opportunities to receive these donations. This may include writing grant proposals (where policies require this approach).

Seek out Student Volunteers: High school students are required to perform a number of hours of community service each year. We need to devise a strategy to encourage teachers to steer students toward our shelter-building as a source for their community service hours.

Examine our Methods and Materials: While we do our best and work our hardest, there are no doubt better/more creative ways to build shelters. There may be better and/or cheaper materials we can use. There may be sources for used or surplus materials or imperfect products that can’t be sold, but we can use. We need people to cast a critical eye on our methods and materials and make recommendations for improvements.

Seek out Sponsors from the Business Community: While we provide homes for feral cats, the real estate and home-building industries do the same for humans. We need to reach out to this business sector and seek assistance.