DIY Feeding Stations & Food Dispensers


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  1. Click here for photos of numerous different samples of easy to make feeding stations.
  2. Click here for the google results of DOZENS of different types (from easy to more complex) feeding stations.
  3. Plastic Bin Feeding Station:


  • Using a utility knife cut an opening into the side of a large plastic bin (hint: use a blow dryer to soften the plastic before cutting into it).
  • Tape the newly cut opening with duct tape (so the edge is smooth when the cat rubs up against it)
  • Put the lid on the bin.
  • Flip the bin over.
  • Use the piece of plastic you cut out (see where the arrows are pointing) to create an extra ‘awning’ by securing the piece of plastic (in this example it’s with a screw) above the opening you’ve created on the bin.
  • Ideally put something heavy (ie a few bricks/big rock) on the top of the bin to prevent it from being moved/blowing away in the wind


    1. Thoroughly clean out a plastic litter container (like the one pictured here).  Use a utility knife cut a slit at the bottom (HINT: use a blow dryer to heat up the plastic – it makes the plastic easier to cut!).
      Kitty Feeder - 4
    2. Slide in a plastic take out dish (like the one below) in the cut out area.
      Kitty Feeder - 5
    3. Tape the plastic take out dish to the inside of the litter container.
      Kitty Feeder - 2
    4. Then fill the container with kibble and put the lid back on. Voila!  Instant kibble dispenser!
      Kitty Feeder - 3 20160223_132255
    5. To keep the food dry, place the dispenser in a plastic box (ie a recycling box), then anchor the box with bricks or heavy stones (to keep it in place during heavy winds) 20160223_13215720160223_132215